In order from South to North

Distances are from the Visitor Center; phone numbers are 707 area code

Estero Cafe 876-3333 Breakfast and Lunch, Mon.- Thurs. 8a.m.-2pm-Fri-Sun7:30am-3:00pm

9 miles South on Hwy 1 1440 Hwy 1 Valley Ford

Dinucci’s 876-3260 Italian dinners Thurs. and Fri. 4pm-9pm, Sat.- Mon. Lunch 12pm-4pm

Dinner 4pm-8:30pm. 9 miles South on Hwy. 1, 14485 Hwy 1; Valley Ford. 

Rocker Oysterfeller’s 876-1983 Dinner Thurs.-Fri. 5pm-8pm, Sat. 3pm-8pm, Sunday Brunch 10am Dinner until 8pm. 9 miles South on Hwy 1, Valley Ford

Litchfields 876-9812 Fine dining Weds-Sun 5pm-8:30pm. 6 miles south on Hwy 1

Casino Bar and Grill  876-3185 bar and grill. Cash only. 9a.m. - 9p.m. 4 miles south take left on Hwy. 12

Blue Water Bistro875-3513 Lunch Daily; Dinner Thurs - Sat; Breakfast Sat; Brunch Sun, Music Thurs nights; 1 1/2 miles south 

Drakes Sonoma Coast Kitchen 875-3525 Breakfast and Dinner, 1 mile south at Bodega Bay Lodge and Spa

Captain Davey’s 377-4039 WiFi, coffee and ice cream, 3/4 mile south on Smith Brothers Road  Dailey 7am - 6pm🐶

The Dog House 875-2441 Lunch, burgers and fries, 3/4 mile south on Smith Brothers Road. Free WiFi 🐶

Fishetarian 875-9092 Lunch 1/2 mile south on Hwy 1 by Lucas Wharf, Fish Market🐩

Lucas Wharf  875-3522 Lunch, Dinner. Moderately priced seafood 1/2 mile south hwy 1🐶

Bay View Restaurant 875-2751 Dinner only. Thurs - Sun, live music sat. Winemakers dinners, 800 Highway 1

Tides Wharf Restaurant 875-3652 Breakfast, lunch, dinner daily. Hwy 1 restaurant snack bar and lounge, Fish Market, deli, and gift shop🐩

The Birds Cafe 875-2900 Lunch and dinner, outside seating, 1/2 mile north on Hwy 1🐩

The Boat House 875-3495 Lunch and dinner, fish and chips, sandwiches, fishing charters🐩  3/4 mile north 

Fisherman’s Cove 377-4238 Lunch - oysters, fishing gear, Bay Flat Road

Spud Point Crab Co. 875-9472 Lunch, outdoor seating only, seafood market. Bay flat road

Gourmet au Bay 875-9875 light lunch and supper. Eastshore Road across bridge to 1412   bay flat road🐩

Ginochio’s 377-4349 Breakfast, lunch till 3. Lower Eastshore rd. Across bridge

Terrapin Creek * Michelin Rated875-2700 Dinner only. Ca Bistro, Thurs-Mon 1 mile north. Left on Eastshore Rd.

Road House Coffee  WiFi, Coffee, pastries. 1 mile left on Eastshore rd. Quick right.

La Bodeguita 875-9190 Lunch and dinner. Mexican 1 1/2 miles north on Hwy 1🐩

Mick’s Left Coast Latte Coffee, pastries, hot dogs 2001 Hwy 1

Sonoma Coast Vineyard wine bar 555 Hwy 1. Bodega Bay, www.sonomacoastvineyards.com